iPas2 System Review – How To Overcome Competition

If you are new to online marketing then this iPas2 System Review is totally up your alley today.

iPas2 System Review   How To Overcome CompetitionIn my opinion, you will find out that I fully support the iPas2 System and highly recommend it to any new comers to online business.


The reason why I highly recommend the iPas2 System through this iPas2 System review today is because iPas2 is geared to any new online entrepreneur looking for an all-in-one, one-of-a-kind marketing solution. The iPas2 System is what I consider a business in a box. It not only comes with everything you need in a business starting out, it comes with fully ready and available success coaches whom you can reach out to via email, Skype or phone consultation.

Get this…

I am paying $97.00 per month to have coaches ready and available to you by getting involved in iPas2 through my iPas2 System review here today.

Want to get the iPas2 System? Get it here.

How To Overcome Competition

I recently submitted an ad on Warrior Forum Classifieds. To read the ad, read it here.

Here’s the thing…

I received this nasty PM message from another Warrior Forum member claiming that I copied his iPas2 System Review and demanded that I remove my classified immediately, demanded that I contact him within 48 hours, told me that what I did was wrong, and that I didn’t ask his permission. At end of message, he threatened to contact Warrior Forum admin if I did not respond to him within 48 hours.

First and foremost, I have every right to advertise on any advertising platform just like anybody has the right to advertise in competition to any other marketer in the online space.

Here’s what I did and this is how you can overcome such happenings when it comes to competition and people who are threatened by it.

  1. Never be afraid to being a competitor to any competition.
  2. Never respond to a competitor if they send you messages like I received.
  3. If you receive such a message, immediately contact a support desk to let them deal with it.

What did I do? I did just that.

Here is my response based on what I was accused of by my competitor outlined above.

iPas2 System Review   How To Overcome CompetitionAt the end of the day, never be afraid to be a competitor in the online industry.

Competition is everywhere and this is a prime example how to overcome the nasty competition. You as an online marketing have every right to advertise where you want to advertise and nobody can stop you. Sure, you will encounter sour competitors like in this case, but it should fuel you more to want to succeed more.

I recently told my students that for every hater, there are 100 lovers and I believe that to be true – even more so over 100. The reason I believe this for every hater I have is that there are a lot more than 100 people who love me for who I am, who I stand for, and for what I stand for – that being, “I stand for people’s success”. Further meaning, “I stand for your success”!

In church yesterday, these words were shared in our sermon, “Encourage one another, and more as you see the day approaching”.

Those words spoken where immediately engraved in my brain and I encourage you to become the success you deserve.

Here is an outline of the iPas2 System bonus I am offering in my iPas2 System Review here today:

Bonus 1 – Any action taker who gets started with an iPas2 Trial through my website in the amount of $7 bucks, I will personally work with you 1-on-1, give you a personalized 1-on-1 business plan with a uploaded and delivered, personalized replay with cheat sheet. Plus, I will personally show you my strategies on how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your iPas2 business profiting system while you sit back and watch the system do all the selling for you!

Bonus 2 – All action takers who get started with an iPas2 Trial today will receive full, immediate support with personally trained back up success coaches just waiting to aid and assist you at any given time through Skype, email, or phone support.

Bonus 3 – You will be personally trained in group sessions for approximately 2 hours each and every Thursday where you’ll get the best, pure, profitable, immediate take action training that you can place into action immediately after each training session. In total, you will get 6 – 8 hours per month of six figure training and strategies. Nothing is left out.

Bonus 4 – You will be provided traffic on a monthly basis. Be advised that certain restrictions apply. Please contact me for details.

Act now to activate your iPas2 Trail today and upon activating your trial of only $7, just send an email with the subject line “Claiming My Bonuses” to everythinggenius@philmutrie.com. You will personally contacted with your 1-on-1 business plan / strategy session information where you can set up an immediate appointment.

Begin your trial of iPas2 here:

iPas2 System Review   How To Overcome Competition

Be sure to keep an eye out for another upcoming, new exclusive iPas2 System review soon. More so that I may add in another iPas2 System bonus so keep your eye out. iPas2 System Review   How To Overcome Competition

Make it a great day, you definitely deserve it.

P Mutrie

iPas2 System Review   How To Overcome Competition

iPas2 System Review   How To Overcome Competition


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