Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I

The way you answer this question is how you personally will drive your life and knowing what that is for you is the core of authentic selling and living in your purpose and power.

When you are clear to the answer to this question it is important for you to allow yourself to align your life with the fact of who are you after you have a clear understanding to your answer to who am I.

Here are four specific essentials for you to align with your essential nature in the realm of “I Am”:

  1. What are your Beliefs
  2. What is your Focus
  3. What is your Physiology
  4. What is your Language

What is revealed when you answer what is your language? Do you speak in the lines of empowerment? If you speak the language of empowerment, you are living in the life of the clear understanding of how you are in purpose and power; especially when it comes to the life of being authentic through empowerment living and selling.

What is revealed when you answer what are your beliefs? What you believe in will empower others to follow you. If you believe in nothing, then those around you will not believe in you; thus they will not follow.

What about the power of focus? If you follow a focus to your clear purpose, you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

For homework, I ask you to research your Physiology and combine it with what your beliefs, focus, and language are. As a result you will not only have a clear answer on the answer to who am I, you’ll also have a clear understanding to your higher purpose in empowerment.

I hope you enjoyed this post on “Who Am I” today.

Make it a great day, you definitely deserve it,

P. Mutrie

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